Accounting Technician Course In Nepal by ICAN : Exploring Opportunities


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Accounting Technician Course by ICAN

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) is an autonomous body dedicated to the advancement and regulation of the accounting profession within the Nepal. Operating under the Institute of Chartered Accountants Act 2053, ICAN is committed to driving Nepal’s economic development, providing leadership on matters of public interest, and fostering social recognition and trust in the accounting field.

Accounting Technician Course: Building Strong Foundations

Accounting Technician Education serves as the cornerstone for individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of accounting and finance. This program equips students with the essential technical skills and knowledge required to apply accounting principles in practical scenarios. It encompasses various critical areas such as Business Accounting & Cost Management, Audit and Assurance, Corporate Laws, and Taxation.

The Crucial Role of Accounting Technicians

Accounting Technicians are skilled professionals in the field of finance and accounting, contributing to the day-to-day operations of accountancy work and ensuring the production of reliable financial information within organizations. They fulfill a diverse range of finance-related roles, including Financial Accounting and Budgeting, Cost Accounting and Credit Control, Payroll Administration, Tax Returns, and even senior managerial tasks. While they may not possess full qualification as CA, Accounting Technicians possess the expertise to handle functions similar to those performed by professional accountants, such as advancing accounts beyond the trial balance stage and preparing comprehensive sets of Financial Statements.

The Versatility of Accounting Technicians

Accounting Technicians enjoy a broad range of employment opportunities across various sectors in Nepal. They can find work in manufacturing companies, local and central government agencies, health service sectors, financial services encompassing banking and insurance, private accountancy firms, real estate companies, and other public and private entities. Furthermore, Accounting Technicians in Nepal can also offer financial consulting services, providing expertise in financial accounting and budgeting, costing and credit control, payroll administration and tax returns, corporate finance, tax planning, and more.

The Influence of Government Policies

Government policies and economic models significantly impact the trajectory of development within the accounting profession. When governments champion accountancy reforms and acknowledge the value of mid-tier accountancy streams, the Accounting Technician segment flourishes. This recognition leads to enhanced opportunities for Accounting Technicians, both within the public and private sectors. Thus, these professionals play a vital role in supporting accountancy reforms and contributing to the overall growth of the accountancy profession.

The Path to Becoming an Accounting Technician

To become an Accounting Technician in Nepal, individuals must successfully complete “the Accounting Technician Course”  program by ICAN. The education program falls under the jurisdiction of the Accounting Technician Board, which operates in accordance with the Nepal Chartered Accountants Act 2053 and Nepal Chartered Accountants Rule 2061. The course entails passing the final examination conducted by ICAN and acquiring 18 months of practical training, in addition to other specified trainings.

Eligibility to enroll in the Accounting Technician Course requires a graduate or post-graduate education from recognized universities or successful completion of the CAP I Level examination of the Chartered Accountancy Course. The Accounting Technician Bylaws also outline additional procedures and pathways for Chartered Accountancy students to become Accounting Technicians.

The Structure of the Accounting Technician Course

ICAN’s Accounting Technician Course encompasses various subjects, including Advanced Accounting and Management Accounting, Audit and Assurance, Corporate and Other Laws, and

Tax Laws (Direct and Indirect Tax). To successfully pass the examination, students must obtain a minimum of 40 marks in each subject and achieve a total aggregate of 45%.

Practical Training and Additional Requirements

Practical training, known as Articleship Training, stands as a mandatory requirement for qualifying as an Accounting Technician. Students are obligated to complete 18 months of practical training, during which they have the opportunity to work with Practicing Chartered Accountant members or Registered Auditors of the Institute. This training period allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience in the field.

Students must also complete 100 hours of Information Technology (IT) Training. This training covers various software applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database Management Systems, Accounting Packages, and Computer-Aided Audit Techniques.

Students are required to undergo a 15-day General Management and Communication Skills (GMCS) Training, which equips them with interpersonal and management skills while exposing them to contemporary issues within the dynamic socio-economic landscape. Successful completion of this training is a prerequisite for eligibility as an Accounting Technician.

Examination and Registration

Registration for the Accounting Technician Course remains open throughout the year, with examinations taking place biannually in March and September. To be eligible for the March examination, registration must be completed by the end of August of the previous year. For the September examination, registration should be finalized by the end of February of the same year.

Scholarship, Awards, and Insurance Facilities

ICAN has established a Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance to deserving and economically challenged students. The institute allocates 5% of the registration fees collected from students each year to support the scholarship program. Additionally, ICAN offers an Accidental Insurance Policy, providing coverage for accidental risks up to NPR 500,000 per year, ensuring the welfare and protection of its students.

Library Facilities

ICAN provides students with access to a comprehensive library facility that includes professional books, guidance notes, and reference materials. To make use of these valuable resources, students are required to follow the prescribed library procedures.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal and its Accounting Technician program play a pivotal role in shaping and empowering the accounting profession within the country. By offering a solid educational foundation, diverse employment opportunities, and the potential for career advancement, Accounting Technicians contribute significantly to the growth and development of Nepal’s economy. With their versatile skills and knowledge, Accounting Technicians continue to be an essential force in ensuring reliable financial information, supporting accountancy reforms, and fostering the prosperity of the overall accounting profession.

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